Wedding Venues in Scottish Borders

Choosing a date and booking the right wedding venue is the first major step which provides the framework in which all other arrangements can be dealt with in a definite manner.

Venues may be chosen for a variety of reasons, many of them practical and, of course, as a matter of personal taste. While it is tempting to opt for the idyllic venue, it is sometimes the case that the beautiful surroundings don’t lend themselves to the practical aspects of a day requiring careful organization.

Ultimately, it is the successful coordination and running of the day which will make for a happy event. The wrong wedding venue is one that doesn’t allow the necessary elements to merge effectively.

Depending on the number of guests, the size of the church or chapel might play a factor in your choice. A small chapel won’t contain a large service and a large church might make a modest gathering seem diminished. It is important to consider the guests’ comfort and any concerns which might arise from their travel arrangements. After a long journey to participate in a joyous celebration, it could prove inconvenient and even problematic if your guests have to travel far for accommodation.

Similarly, it makes sense that the venue of the Reception be considered along with the Ceremony. Many places do offer a combination of both. This is often the practical choice, although the Scottish Borders are rife with beautiful churches which have accessible, favourable reception venues within close proximity.

If you choose your wedding venue in the wonderful Scottish Borders, you will be spoilt for choice. From one of the many rural settings along the River Tweed, to the charm of Melrose Abbey, or indeed any of the many Abbeys which the region is renowned for. Between the rolling countryside and the Berwickshire coastline, there are numerous castles and gardens which will lend any occasion a sense of tradition and history.

Home to many National Trust and Historic Scotland sites, it is best to make sure your chosen location doesn’t have any restrictions which might interfere with the your plans. The Wedding Venues chosen to be on our website are amongst the best and will be able to provide any relevant information.