Wedding Flowers in Scottish Borders

Part of every wedding, flowers are more than a mere thematic consideration and have a well established tradition of beauty and nature which are at the heart of marriage.

Choosing flowers for a wedding might seem like a simple task and it is often left too late. Apart from considerations of colour and personal taste, flowers all come with their own particular meaning and sentiments. Depending on the parties and the type of wedding.

it might be necessary to consider any specific cultural symbolism attached to a varietal which might otherwise fit into an exclusively Western ceremony. Certain flowers represent opposing elements in various countries. In the East a Chrysanthemum is invested with a negative quality, while the West sees it as a positive flower. Cultural diversity is part of the rich world of marriage and most professionals will take out the guess work. The choice is further affected by seasonal and regional considerations.

A good florist will be able to advise on these aspects and suggest substitutions for any flowers that may be inappropriate or out of season. Fortunately nature is abundant and various and, as long as you consult a florist about your Wedding Flowers well in advance, there should be little problem in the joyous day being full of fresh and marvellous flora.

Being a geographically diverse area, the Scottish Borders have a curious selection of indigenous flora, though it’s best to consult about seasonal availability well in advance of the date. One of the regional Florists will be able to suggest how to incorporate these Wedding Flowers into the usual arrangements associated with weddings, like the Bride’s bouquet, the Groom’s buttonhole and the Bridesmaids’ corsages.

Of course, your needs may be more specific and any one of the reputable and capable Florists on our website will be able to offer valuable input and meet your requirements, ensuring the delightful addition of natural beauty to your special celebration.