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A wedding is a milestone in any couple's life. It's a day of union and the celebration of love and family. All who embrace this special bond, will want a prized document of their unique occasion. A And S Digital Creations specialize in High-Definition Videography, with a mind for bringing any couple a lasting movie of the most precious day of their life.

The A and S of A And S Digital Creations belong to the father and son team, Allan and Stuart, who, between them, have many years of experience in different areas and styles of both video and stills photography.

They are based in Scotland and bring their specialized set of skills to the Scottish Borders, Edinburgh, Glasgow and Fife. If you live in another area, don't hesitate to give A And S Digital Creations a call, they will most likely be able to accommodate you no matter where in Scotland you're holding your wedding.

Being technically savvy with the many High-Definition cameras that Allan and Stuart will bring to your event, is only part of what makes them great photographers. They will both attend the event, and try to remain as unintrusive as is possible. This has the benefit of allowing guests to feel relaxed which, in turn, allows for better footage for the final film.

A And S Digital Creations will discuss your specific expectations and needs with you, making sure you get exactly the kind of film you hope for. Once the day is over and the footage captured, it will be edited on the latest high-tech editing software. You will then be presented with a professionally shot, edited and detailed composition which tells the story of your special occasion. It's a film which will last a lifetime, enduring as a reminder of your joyous milestone.

Please feel free to give either Allan or Stuart a call to discuss your needs : Allan on 07761 863608 or Stuart on 07920 852053.