Photography & Video in Scottish Borders

As we move swiftly through the digital age, it is tempting to neglect the skills of a professional photographer and take on this specialist area with a point-and-click attitude, but, while the amateur shutter-bug might capture a few moments, they cannot match the trained eye for detail and composition of a professional.

The Wedding Photographer is integral to the event and provides a welcome document of a day which begs to be remembered. There are many professionals about, but capturing a Wedding is a specialized form of photography which has its own requirements, not least the ability of the photographer to integrate into the day’s proceedings without becoming obtrusive.

It is important to review the style of the photographer and whether or not their range of imagery fits your tastes. Pay particular attention to the setting and theme of the Wedding and Reception. Most professionals and studios offer both video and stills, though some do prefer to work in either one medium or the other.

Some professionals retain a preference for traditional 35mm film which is more costly to process. If budget is a consideration, someone working exclusively with digital technology might be the preferred option. Costs are also determined by the number and size of prints, the reputation of the photographer and the addition of video production.

Before choosing a photographer, it is best to take a look at their portfolio and see if their particular vision suits your own. Some wedding photographers are capable of taking traditional photographs as well as being able to adapt to a more individual style of composition which is often to the advantage of a celebration, since they can compose enduring formal portraits and still be able to capture the general atmosphere with candid or informal portraits.

The selection of studios on our website have been chosen for their experience, sensitivity and diversity and will be able to offer the type of prints you have in mind or suggest a style befitting the location and aesthetic themes. They are all located in the Scottish Borders region.