Music & Entertainment in Scottish Borders

Perhaps more than the venue and the food, the Music and Entertainment can set the right tone for the post ceremonial festivities.

Music is an area which is fairly difficult to decide on, since everyone has different likes and dislikes. A degree of common sense should be used when choosing, since there are a variety of options which should prove inoffensive to most of the guests while avoiding the problem of having music which no one likes.

Live bands are a favourite at Wedding Receptions and if they are of a high standard and experienced with large social gatherings, they should be able to adapt to the atmosphere while adding that extra element of warmth.

Depending on the style of Wedding, type of guests and any cultural factors, there are various kinds of musicians. Some Receptions may require two kinds of music, one to start off the evening with that all important first dance and another to move into a party atmosphere.

A good D.J. is a popular choice for those wishing to dance the night away. Most professional bands, musicians and D.J.s will be able to provide a sample CD of their music or style of music. Always make sure that your venue will be able to accommodate any performers.

Besides music, other types of Entertainment are available and many performance artists have particular talents which suit occasions like these. They are especially worth considering if there are children present.

The area has a tradition of music and there are many professionals who are experienced at performing at Scottish Borders Weddings. Various styles and genres of music are available, though Scotland is well known for its live performers, especially folk bands and singers.

The bagpipes are also a popular addition to many Weddings in Scotland and there are several highly acclaimed pipers ready to lend an air of Highland authenticity to the day. In contrast, there is a rich selection of modern bands able to play a variety of cover songs as well a few classical ensembles and soloists for the added element of prestige.