Marquee & Event Hire in Scottish Borders

If any aspect of the Wedding or Reception is to be held outdoors, a Marquee might be an unavoidable addition to the momentous day.

The British climate being notoriously unpredictable and the Scottish Borders being a favoured landscape for Weddings, there is a well established Marquee Hire industry ready to advise on the various styles, sizes and types of tent. Once the location of the event or events are decided and the number of guests is finalized, then the type of Marquee can be chosen. It is also necessary to consider catering and entertainment and any special provisions these services may require.

Time of year also plays a significant part in the type of structure, since a cold season may require a heated tent. Topographical or locational complications need to be discussed with the Hire Company well ahead of time in order to avoid any last minute difficulties.

Professional Hire Companies are versatile and well attuned to the needs of large gatherings. They will be able to offer invaluable advice and suggest various styles and colours to suit the chosen theme. Given that the structure takes time and considerable labour to erect, it is best to secure the service well in advance of the day itself and to carefully coordinate it with other aspects of organization.

There are many Marquee Hire businesses in this beautiful area of Scotland. Since it is a place of countryside and sometimes difficult terrain, it is essential to discuss the logistics of the venue with the company. If necessary, they will be able to suggest a certain kind of Marquee or a suitable compromise if the location is a problem. Costs vary according to location, capacity and type of tent.

Marquees range from the basic to the luxurious with full facilities for catering and heating. Chosen for their professionalism, experience, and proximity to the Scottish Borders region the companies on our website will be able to help you though the process.