Dresses & Suits in Scottish Borders

The Wedding Dress is undoubtedly one the most important garments the bride is likely to wear. White, representing purity, is the traditional hue of the dress and still a popular choice.

Perhaps because the marriage ceremony is invested with such a grand history and tradition, many brides choose a traditional dress. Within these garments, there is enough variation to satisfy anyone looking to retain a classic style and still wear something individual. Many designers have turned their hand to Wedding Dresses and, as a result, there is now a great diversity of style, colour and cloth. Many prefer a more contemporary outfit with simple, elegant lines which might better compliment their specific style of ceremony. Between the classic and contemporary design pieces, there is wealth of choice catering for any taste.

Choosing a dress is not merely a matter of preference and it should be considered alongside the Bridesmaids’ dresses as well as the men’s suits. Fortunately, most Wedding Dress Hire companies will provide a comprehensive service. Of course, the Wedding Dress Hire and other outfits should be dealt with far in advance of the day itself, leaving a sufficiency of time for any alterations that will, inevitably, need to be done.

The Borders are authentic Scotland and Kilts are a traditional and favoured attire for grooms and other male members of the Wedding party. Most formal Suit Hire Companies who cater to the Wedding market will also supply kilts and required accessories. Apart from being proper kilt country, the area is a coveted destination for nuptials and there are many high quality Bridal and Bridesmaids’ Dress Hire businesses supplying different styles from the avant-garde to fine creations in different textures and colours. The Wedding Dress Hire Companies on our website have been selected for their experience, reputation and high standard of personalised service.