Cars & Carriages in Scottish Borders

The first time the newly-weds are away from the gathering and can be alone together as man and wife is in the Wedding Car, which is perhaps why it has become such an iconic aspect of nuptial tradition.

The choice of vehicle depends on personal preference, availability, location and cost. A country wedding in a quaint chapel might preclude the use of a horse-drawn carriage, as will long distances. Although there are quite a few Carriage Hire companies which deal with Weddings, there are many options besides this time-honoured and undeniably romantic mode of transportation.

Wedding Car Hire companies will offer a variety of luxury vehicles which range from rare classic cars to prestigious contemporary vehicles. Costs vary according to the type of vehicle, the length of hire and distance travelled. If there are a number of principal guests and more than one vehicle is required, many companies do offer general packages.

The more prestigious the choice of vehicle, the more likely it is to be in demand and should be booked well before the day in order to avoid settling for the merely adequate. It is also advisable to consult with the company about any particulars of location and potential demands on the vehicle itself.

From the quaint charms of an old Rolls Royce, to the opulence of a chauffeur driven limousine, to the historic romance of a horse-drawn carriage, one of the Wedding Hire Companies on our website will be able to provide you with the perfect ride from the church to the reception.

Remember to book well in advance since the rarer the vehicle, the more likely it is to be on loan, especially in the beautiful Scottish Borders where many couples choose to be married. It is also a good idea to consult about the locational specifics and determine whether any special arrangements need to be made.