Cakes & Catering in Scottish Borders

An essential addition to any gathering, a good caterer is never more necessary than when people come together in celebration of a marriage which is marked by the traditional sharing of good food.

A wide variety of Professional Caterers are well versed in the needs of Wedding Receptions and will be able to advise on the practicalities of the event. If culture and tradition needs to be addressed, then most companies will be able to advise on a variety of suitable dishes. The location of the Reception needs to be considered since much of the food will need to be prepared off-site and complications may arise with large quantities or warm meals. Careful thought should be given to the time of the meal, as most food is best served within a specific time-frame.

Most experienced companies offer a full-service option which takes much of the anxiety out of organizing additional staff to serve. Of course, the more comprehensive the service, the greater the cost will be. Depending on the style of menu, availability of ingredients, number of guests and the location, cost will again vary. Most Caterers will be able to make and supply the iconic Wedding Cake, though many couples prefer the bespoke concoctions offered by a specialist baker.

Since the choice of menu is likely to vary due to personal preference, it is not always possible to get both the Wedding Cake and the other food from the same caterer. There are many specialist Wedding Caterers who will offer both services, but if your menu requirements are specific or unusual, you might have to go to a professional Cake Maker aside from the company seeing to the menu.

Cake Making is quite an art form and there is a great diversity in both style and ingredients, from the traditional tiered fruit cake to a variety of contemporary creations. Chosen for their skill and reputation, one of the six companies on our site will be able to advise on one or both aspects of catering.