Scottish Borders Wedding Services

The Scottish Borders lie to the East of Dumfries and Galloway and to the North of England. This picturesque and historical area of Scotland is home to some the most beautiful landscapes in the United Kingdom, full of nature, Castles, Abbeys and Fishing Villages. A Scottish Borders Wedding is sure to make for a memorable celebration.

There are few occasions more illustrious than the conjoining of two people in marriage. This testament to love and devotion deserves the utmost attention to detail, ensuring that the milestone day properly compliments the feelings of everyone fortunate enough to participate.

A long tradition of both Ceremony and Reception has led to various facets which need to be successfully addressed and correlated so that, when the occasion arises, there is no cause for worry and all can embrace the service and festivities as intended, without anxiety.

Within the general framework of any Wedding, there is wide variation and even greater combination of services which need to be selected and organized if the day is to run as a Bride and Groom would hope.

Many couples choose to involve a professional Wedding Planner to orchestrate the event and this is often quite sensible given the time constraints and pressures of daily life.

For reasons of cost or simply to fully engage the entire process, some couples prefer to organize everything with the aid of family and friends. Below is a list of the services associated with a contemporary Wedding:

Wedding Venue Selection - Once the date is chosen and the Venue selected, it provides a basis for the arrangement and organization of the other elements. Little can be done without having the venue as a starting point, especially since many of the other factors depend on the particularities of location.

Bridal Dress Hire - The Bridal Dress is likely to be a factor in the deciding of the style and theme for the celebrations and should be chosen early. The earlier the Bride makes a choice, the more time there is for the selection of Bridesmaids’ outfits and any adjustments which might have to be made.

Suit Hire - No less important, though generally not as individual as the Bridal Dress, the suit of the groom can be chosen and fitted to compliment the Bride’s attire. Traditionally, the principal men in attendance are all fitted for suits and a sufficiency of time is required to see to the various adjustments.

Cars and Carriages - Luxury and classic vehicles are always a popular choice for Weddings and are in high demand as is the coveted horse-drawn carriage. Conveying the newly-weds from the nuptials, these iconic modes of transport should be booked well in advance of the day itself to secure the right one.

Rings - Careful thought should be given to this lasting symbol of union, and enough time left in the event that items need to be resized.

Photographer - Good pictures are a valuable document of any special occasion and a good photographer is worth their weight in gold. The services of a professional need to be booked well in advance if you hope to secure their specialist skills.

Flowers - There are many considerations in the selection and arranging of flowers on a large scale and an experienced Florist needs a sufficiency of time to source and prepare the desired flora.

Catering - The menu is one of the more challenging aspects of any sizeable celebration and once any personal preferences and cultural requirements have been considered, a good caterer should be consulted as to the menu and any potential problems which might result from location or specific dishes.

Marquee Hire - The Scottish Borders are well known for their beauty, but dry weather is often a luxury which cannot be counted on. If any of the Wedding or Reception is to take place outside, then a Marquee is a necessity which needs to be organized in conjunction with the rest of the event.